Vkk has established Mane Patha Kendras for providing education to those children who are not able to join hostels due to various limitations. In this program, vkk picks up educated youths around these Kendras and appoint them as teachers and they are provided extensive training before they teach.

The class room training is provided for 2 hours covering science, maths, languages etc. and in addition to these subjects, children will be trained on our culture to make them good citizens of India. This program has drastically reduced the dropouts in schools and education level has improved in rural areas. This initiative has also generated employment to the educated youths who are appointed as teachers.

In addition to the hostels at various places, there are around 225 home tuition centres (Mane Patha Kendras) run by the VKK in the remote tribal areas with the support of the educated youth.  Mostly Mane Pata Kendra are headed by the persons appointed from the tribal community who can teach and set up with the basic requirements for operating Mane Patha kendras.

VKK provides the following facilities in the home tuition centres:

  • A proper trained teacher to teach the students.
  • Necessary class room to teach the students.
  • Providing school bags, note books, pens, pencils (based on the requirement of the students).
  • Infrastructure in the class room such as black board, books.
  • Mini Library
  • Necessary lighting facilities for the tuition classes rooms.

Major Activates carried out by Mane Pata Kendras.

  • General Knowledge
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Basic Sports activities
  • Awareness about protecting environment and forests
  • Cultivating the reading habits among children.
  • Assisting the students to do their home work
  • Review of the teaching done in the school.
  • Other activities

VKK has distributed school bags to the needy students in the Mane Pata Kendra. All children are happy after getting school bags and they are motivated to going to school. This also has spread a positive message to their fellow students to continue their studies.

Benefits of Mane Pata Kendra

  • Employment generation to the young educated tribal youth
  • The remuneration received by them has helped them to pursue higher education and also acts as a support to the family
  • Platform for the development of their inherent potential in sports. The Mane patha Kendra is a platform wherein the students having talent in sports can take it as a career. VKK will pickup such students and provide further training.
  • Develop community leadership among their various groups.
  • Bring about an overall development in the lives of Vanavasis while retaining their cultural identity and social value systems.
  • Enable the Vanavasis to play a major role in the environment protection, national integration, and nation building.