The central theme of this endeavour is to bring health care to the door steps of the disadvantaged Tribal Communities’ which in turn has a positive externality strengthening their livelihood in addition to good health.

In the radius of about 5-6 KM from one of the hostels near Kumta, there are about 5000 tribals from ‘Gonda’ and ‘Kumbri Marathi’ communities living in the hilly forests of the Western Ghats. The nearest Primary Health Care Center is 25 KM (Murudeshwara) with sparse public transport facility. The nearest accessible Government Hospital is about 50 KM which is in Bhatkala Taluk. Hence there was lack of immediate attention to fever, infections and ailments is a major concern for these communities. Their access to basic health care facilities is impaired by socio-economic and administrative barriers exemplified by the fact of having to travel long distances to tend to basic ailments like fever, cold etc. For example, getting access to a strip of Crocin worth Rs. 6 costs them Rs. 30 and the loss of a productive day which is crucial to their livelihood.

As a way to alleviate the aforementioned problem, VKK has extended the campus to include facility to run a Primary Health Care Centre. VKK also conducts weekly medical camps at this location to cater to the needs of the surrounding villages and forest dwellers. VKK has already signed up with a few volunteer doctors in Murudeshwara and Bhatkala to run these medical camps.

Ambulance facilities is also provided to the tribal communities for emergency transit to neighbourhood hospitals and for the organization of mobile medical camps