VKK regularly conducts Vanayatras for the people staying in towns and cities. This is an opportunity for the urban people to know the Vanavasi lifestyle, their customs, traditions, livelihoods and so on.  They are always very memorable as they are eye openers for urban dwellers. It stimulates the feeling of brotherhood and oneness amongst us

Groups going for Vanayatras participate in tree plantation, coaching students, visiting hostels, celebrating festivals.

Vanayatras have created lot of impact on Vanavasi children and their parents:

  • VKK uses Vanayatre as one of the major tools in achieving the sense of oneness “TU MAY EK RAKTH” and “Vanavasi , Gramavasi and Nagaravasi, Navella Bharathavasi”
  • Vanayatra provides a common platform for vanavasis to interact with volunteers, to know and understand the importance of education, impact of the ill-effects of early marriage, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Vanayatra provides awareness about proper health care and how to avoid Malaria, Dengue and other diseases.
  • Vanayatra provides awareness about leveraging benefits of government schemes for their growth
  • Helps the tribes to achieve social inclusion, economic growth and stability while retaining their core values and social fabric
  • Creates social awareness in the non-tribal society about the needs of the tribal society.