VKK identifies, trains and promotes the potential traditional sports talent amongst the Tribals. VKK conducts sports meets in different tribal areas to identify sportsperson and encourage them. Athletes from the tribal areas are selected through these local sports centres and local sports meetings. VKK trains the sports persons in the area of athletics, Kabbadi, Kho Kho, Volley ball, Archery etc. Vanavasi Kreeda Mahostsava is conducted by Vanavasi Kalyan. In this annual event, young Vanavasi athletes, both boys and girls from all over the country participate.  Every year dozens of athletes are selected for formal coaching in the national sports promotion institutions like Sports Authority of India. Many athletes who have participated in the sports event of VKK have represented India at Olympics and other international sports events.

VKK has multiple sports facilities and centers across the tribal areas of the state that promote tribal sports, especially archery. Students from schools and hostels run by the organization have won laurels in archery at national and international levels. To name a few, Mr. Limba Ram and Ms. Kavita Raut are the students of Vanavasi Kalyana. VKK is planning to open Sports Hostels and Sports Centers to provide basic facilities to Vanavasi children to explore their skill in various sports.

Achievements of Vanavasis who have brought laurels to the nation with the support of Vanavasi Kalyana:

  • Limbaram an archer of International fame has conferred with “Padmashree” Award in 2012. The archer who earned laurels in archery at the international level is studied in VKK and is a product of the Vanavasi Kalyanashram, which is working for the socio-economic upliftment and development of India’s indigenous tribes in the remote tribal areas.
  • Kavita Raut a long distance runner who has National record for 10 kilometre Road running. She has won the Bronze Medal in common wealth game in 2012.
  • A Relay Team from Tithimathi of Kodagu Dist, won First Place in Prestigious Mid-Night Relay Marathon held in Bangalore by running barefoot (as they were lacking the basic amenities such as shoes etc.,)