VKK provides hostel facilities for Vanavasi children to make them educated in various fields by providing them proper environment such as accommodation, food, education guidance, physical fitness, cultural and sports activities and ensure that they are physically and mentally strong.

Day Activities of children in the Hostel

  • Children get up early in the morning, fresh-up and chant shlokas
  • Practice of Yogasana (Surya Namaskar and other asanas)
  • Playing (Kabbadi/Kho-Kho etc)
  • Study / finish home works etc..
  • Children go to school after having their breakfast
  • Children are served evening snacks after they come back from school
  • Play, sing bhajans and study
  • Have dinner and go to bed

VKK has established its first hostel in 1989 at Chipageri, Mundagod taluk of Uttara Kannada district with 3 children from Siddi community and today it has grown to 8 hostels with 172 students (2 hostels for girls and 6 hostels for boys) in the following places:

  • Shri Ram Boys Hostels, Chipageri
  • Vittal Vanavasi Boys Hostel, Yellapur
  • Rukmini Girls Hostel, Dandeli
  • Ratnakara College Students Hostel for Boys, Kumta
  • Kumara Ram Boys Hostel, Gundlupet
  • Rani College Girls Hostel, Mysore
  • Vanasuma Boys Hostel, Adkar (Sullia)
  • Shri Dayashankar Boys Hostel, Sagara

VKK has put in a lot of efforts and has faced many challenges in changing the perception of Vanavasis towards education and now the parents are coming forward for admitting their children to hostels.

In last 30 years, more than 800 students have successfully completed their education and they have contributed towards improving basic facilities in their respective villages. They are serving in various fields like Police, Indian Army, Information Technology, Self -employed and in teaching profession.