Project – Fight Against Covid 19 in Tribal Villages




As we all know, the entire world is going through the fast spread of Corona Virus Disease, taking away the lives of millions of people across the globe. People and experts from different areas are coming together with a common mission of controlling this disease.  Now that this disease has just entered remote tribal villages, this is the right time to take preventive measures by providing tribal communities with right instructions to follow and to get prepared for controlling the spread, in case the disease hits the village.

In this direction all our full time and part time Karyakarthas are engaged in educating the Tribals about the pandemic and precautions to be taken to prevent the  pandemic which includes items to be taken to boost the immunity , wearing of masks, using sanitization and in case of turning into positive, necessary guidance about the home isolation and arranging the hospitals and transportation to reach the hospital etc.,

Project Organization

At the state level, we have established a State Project Committee with a team of 7 senior professionals, having vast experience in the medical field, project management and working with tribal communities for many years, to guide and provide direction across the state. At the district level, we have established a District Task Force team which will have locally identified doctors, coordinators and healthcare workers.


Each district task force team will closely work with the Project Committee for smooth execution of this project.


To Carry out the above Project, Vanavasi Kalyana is looking for “Donation” . Donation can be either in kind (i.e. by way of items stated in the list)  or in  cash.


Project Name Fight Against Covid 19 in Tribal Villages
Project Beneficiaries 10 Lakhs People of Tribal Communities of Karnataka


Project Duration 3 Months  (May 1, 2021 to July 30, 2021)
Total Project Team 100 Members ( 16 Teams (one team for each district)  consisting of 5-6 members)
Project Scope –       Covers 16 Districts with 350 villages

–       Provide awareness on Covid and its impact

–       Provide clear instructions to follow for prevention and control

–       Free treatment and supply of medicines for affected people

–       Instruments for measuring temperature and oxygen levels

–       Admission of  patients to the nearby hospital and for the same arrangement of necessary transport etc.,

Project Estimated Budget Rs. 32.50 Lakhs


Project Budget Breakup :

Sl # Item Unit Cost Quantity Required Total Amount
1 Medicine Kit Containing:

–       Doxycycline – 100 mg – 10 Tablets

–       Vitamin & Zinc Tablets – 10 Tablets

–       Paracetamol 500 mg -10 Tablets

–       Ranitidine – 10 Tablets

–       Ivermectin  12 mg – 3 Tablets

–       Masks- 5

–       ORS Powder – 1

–       Sanitizer – 1

Rs. 200 2000 Kits Rs. 4,00,000

(Round off)

2 Pulse Oximeters  (Branded – Standard) Rs. 2000 300 Nos Rs. 6,00,000
3 Thermometers  (Branded  – Standard-
Type – Infrared Thermometer)
Rs. 2000 300 Nos. Rs. 6,00,000
4 Ambulance/

Transport  Expenses (Lumpsum)

Rs. 2,00,000
5 Travel Expenses of Karyakartas  -(Rs. 3000 PM for 50 Karyakartas for 3 months) Rs. 9,000 50 People Rs. 4,50,000
6 Project Management & Administrative Cost  (including the Honorarium of Rs. 3000 PM to be paid to 100 Karyakarthas  appointed for this purpose) Rs. 10,00,000
Grand Total Rs. 32,50,000