As we all know, with the COVID-19 outbreak and the resultant nation-wide lockdown, many of our brethren are impacted and especially the citizens working in the informal sectors. Worst hit are our Vanavasi brethren and Vanavasi Kalyana has taken an active role in ensuring food security for these impacted tribal communities.


Major Sponsors

We are grateful to Zomato Feeding India, Infosys Foundation, SD Foundation (Sarojini Damodaran Foundation), Kalyan Ashram Trust (UK), Engineered Powered Resources India Pvt Ltd., and Bharat Spandan who have been of great support to us during these difficult times.  We have received donations in the form of food grains, food and money from these partners.

Other Donors

We have received donations from many well wishers and friends of Vanavasi Kalyana and we are very thankful for these generous contributions and grateful to all our donors.

Relief Activities and Update

We have been able to reach out to 10,479 families in 230 villages belonging to 15 different tribes in Karnataka. Approximately,  62,000 persons are positively impacted and have received food grains.

Details of Food Grains Distribution

Sl No District Status Photos
1 Chamrajnagar Completed Relief Activities in Chamarajnagar District
2 Ramanagara  Completed Relief Activities in Ramanagara District
3 Kanakapura Completed Relief Activities in Kanakapura District
4 Mysore Completed Relief Activities in Mysore District
5 Dharwad Completed Relief Activities in Dharwad District
6 Haveri Completed Relief Activities in Haveri District
7 Belagavi Completed Relief Activities in Belagavi District
8 Karwar Completed Relief Activities in Karwar District
9 Raichur Completed Relief Activities in Raichur District
10 Bidar Completed Relief Activities in Bidar District
11 Kodagu Completed Relief Activities in Kodagu District
12 Yadgir Completed Relief Activities in Yadgir District
13 Sirsi Completed Relief Activities in Sirsi District


Relief Work in Pune

270 Vanavasi Bandhus from the Devadurga Taluk of Raichur district were stuck in Pune without food due to lockdown and were in deep distress. These were construction workers and they had spent days without food. Our Karyakartas, after getting to know the situation through a FB post, rushed to the location in Pune and provided food to all the members along with the medical facilities. VKK then solicited help through the Karnataka Govt. And, finally, all these Vanavasi Bandhus were brought back home. Similarly, we have intervened and provided food to 30 Vanavasi Bandhus stuck in Mumbai.