The purpose of this program is to continuously provide awareness about their culture and not to deviate from the same. In this program following activities are being conducted:

  • Teachings from Saadhu/Santhaas on Dhaarmik matters to vanavasis
  • Tribal Gurus explain the importance of tribal practices to vanavasis so that they follow those practices for their better living
  • Conduct frequent seminars by inviting Saadhus/Santhaas and Vanavasi Gurus and discuss on specific dhaarmik matters.
  • Bhajana Mandalis conduct bhajans on a weekly basis. Currently, there are 20 Bhajana Mandalis exist across Karnataka. Tribals also participate in Bhjana Saptaaha which is conducted once a year where-in 1 day is dedicated for demonstrating the cultural excellence of tribals.
  • Conduct tribal cultural competitions once a year to motivate them to develop their cultural assets. Bhagavad Geeta recitation competition is also held once a year to spread the awareness the messages of Geeta in them
  • During annual celebration of each hostel, tribal children perform plays of Mahapurushas to recall their great contributions to the society and nation.